Send parcels with
fellow travellers
You can send parcels all over the world
or get paid for delivery with DELSE
How DELSE works
Tell senders about your trip
Add your route to the My trips section. The system selects and offers parcels for delivery automatically according to the trip. Or senders will be able to find you through the Search section
Make an offer
DELSE has no tariffs and you set the cost of your services yourself. Specify the delivery date and cost and make an offer to the sender
Add parcel
Add a parcel in the My Parcels section. Fill in the parcel parameters and description, add photos and get delivery offers. Or you can find a carrier through the Search section and offer your parcel for delivery
Choose an offer
Carriers offer the cost and date of delivery. Chose the convenient offer. Pay attention to the rating and status of carriers
Join us
The App is available for free download on the AppStore and Google Play


Our service brings together different people all over the world
or deliver?

You can send and deliver parcels at the same time. One account - all features
How to join?
Register in the App, fill in your user profile, add photo and get the first "Beginner" status
Delivery cost
Carriers set the cost of their parcel delivery services independently. For each parcel individually
The carriers need to buy a subscription in the App to deliver parcels and make money on delivery
Payment for delivery services
Payment for delivery services is made by users to each other without the participation of the DELSE. When creating a parcel, you can choose the payment method: upon receipt or upon departure. The cost of services is set in US dollars
If you have any difficulties or questions, you can always contact support. To start chatting in the App go to the Support in the Main menu
How to send
step 1
Attach photos and describe you parcel.
What to write in the description: what you need to deliver, parcel packaging features, delivery details. This way you can get better services.

step 2
Choose from/to and when delivery is needed. You can specify a date range to receive more offers
step 3
Specify the weight and dimensions and payment method (on departure or upon receipt). You can add recipient's phone
step 4
The created parcel will appear in the System. Carriers, who travel along your route will receive a notification when a parcel appears in the system
How to deliver
step 1
Choose from/to and when you're going. Two trips will be created if you select "There and back"
step 2
Add the parameter values of the parcels you are ready to take with you. Specify the maximum weight and maximum dimensions of parcels that you are ready to deliver
step 3
The created trip will appear in the System. You will receive a notification when a suitable parcel appears in the system
you need a subscription to deliver parcels and earn money. There is a free trial period
1 month
2.99 $
3 months
7.99 $
6 months
15.99 $
12 months
32.99 $


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