Send parcels with travellers
or deliver along the way and make money
What is DELSE?
It's a mobile app connects senders and travelers. A person who needs to send a parcel can find a person who is willing to deliver it. Travelers who want to make money along the way can find a parcel for delivery in the App
Why shoud i choose DELSE?
- You can send and deliver parcels at the same time
- No tariffs, no commissions, travelers set delivery cost themselves
- Insurance in the app
- Chose delivery offer you like. Travelers will propose you different prices and delivery dates
For senders
how to send parcels with Delse
Let's add a parcel together
For travelers
how to deliver parcels with Delse and make money
Let's add a trip together
Join us!
The App is available for free download
Insurance in the App
We care about our users and want to make the process of sending parcels as comfortable as possible
We've added partner insurance companies for you
You can insure a parcel right in the app.
The insurance is based on the citizenship of the sender. Insurance companies provide different insurance conditions for different countries
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us
1201 N. Orange Street Suite 7160, 19801, Wilmington, Delaware, United States
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